Extension Server

Developers love Redis because it gives freedom to store anything they want in it. shares this ideology by supporting automatic decompression (GZIP, LZ4, ZSTD, BROTLI, Snappy) and deserialization of common formats like MsgPack, PHP Sessions, CBOR and Pickle.

Is your serialization format not mentioned above? Continue reading to find out how to easily view your data in

What is it?

Starting from version 2022.4 comes with a built-in client for Extension Server. Extension Server is a simple REST API defined by the following OpenAPI Specification. This server allows you to support any custom compression or serialization format.

Build your own Extension Server in minutes

Thanks to OpenAPI Generator you can generate boilerplate for your Extension Server in a couple of minutes.

  1. Install OpenAPI Generator
  2. Select appropriate server generator.
  3. Download spec file from
  4. Generate server:
    openapi-generator generate -i server_spec.yaml -g YOUR_GENERATOR -o my_extension_server
  5. Open my_extension_server in your favorite IDE and start adding your custom formatters to generated server.

If you are faced with any issues you can contact support or ask for help in telegram chat

Connect to Extension Server in

  1. Ensure that you are using version 2022.4 or above
  2. Click on the "Extension Server" button in top right corner of the main window
  3. In the Extension Server dialog specify your server URL and basic auth details if any:
  4. Hit Reload button

Visualizing data with Extension Server supports following Content-Type responses from Extension Server:

  • application/json
  • image/* for example image/svg+xml

This allows you to perform any required preprocessing and visualize your data:

OpenAPI v3 Specification

Please submit your proposals to the following spec on GitHub

Third-party extension servers

You can find some examples on GitHub.