Quick Install


  1. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 x64 (If you have not already).
  2. Download Windows Installer from http://rdm.dev/download. (Requires subscription)
  3. Run the downloaded installer.

Mac OS X

  1. Download dmg image from http://rdm.dev/download. (Requires subscription)
  2. Mount the DMG image.
  3. Run rdm.app.

Ubuntu / ArchLinux / Debian / Fedora / CentOS / OpenSUSE / etc

  1. Install RDM.dev using Snapcraft.

SSH Keys

To be able to access your ssh keys from RDM.dev please connect ssh-key interface: sudo snap connect redis-desktop-manager:ssh-keys

How to Run

If RDM.dev icon hasn't appeared in your application launcher you can run RDM.dev from terminal /snap/bin/redis-desktop-manager.rdm

Build from source

Get source

  1. Install git using the instructions here: https://git-scm.com/download

  2. Get the source code: git clone --recursive https://github.com/uglide/RedisDesktopManager.git -b 2021 rdm && cd ./rdm

SSH Tunneling support

Since 0.9.9 RDM.dev by default does not include SSH Tunneling support. You can create a SSH tunnel to your Redis server manually and connect to localhost: ssh -L 6379:REDIS_HOST:6379 SSH_USER@SSH_HOST -P SSH_PORT -i SSH_KEY -T -N or use pre-built binary for your OS

Build on OS X

  1. Install Xcode with Xcode build tools.
  2. Install Homebrew.
  3. Copy cd ./src && cp ./resources/Info.plist.sample ./resources/Info.plist.
  4. Building RDM.dev dependencies require i.a. openssl, cmake and python3. Install them: brew install openssl cmake python3
  5. Build lz4 lib
cd 3rdparty/lz4/build/cmake
cd 3rdparty/brotli
cd 3rdparty/snappy
cmake -DHAVE_LIBLZO2=0 -DHAVE_LIBLZ4=0 && make
cd 3rdparty/zstd/build/cmake
cmake ./ && make
  1. Install Python requirements pip3 install -t ../bin/osx/release -r py/requirements.txt
  2. Install Qt 5.15. Add Qt Creator and under Qt 5.15.x add Qt Charts module.
  3. Open ./src/rdm.pro in Qt Creator.
  4. Run build.

Build on Windows

  1. Install Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition.
  2. Install Qt 5.15.
  3. Go to 3rdparty/qredisclient/3rdparty/hiredis and apply the patch to fix compilation on Windows: git apply ../hiredis-win.patch
  4. Go to the 3rdparty/ folder and install zlib with nuget: nuget install zlib-msvc14-x64 -Version
  5. Build lz4 lib
cd 3rdparty/lz4/build/cmake
  1. Install Python 3.9 amd64 to C:\Python39-x64.
  2. Install Python requirements pip3 install -r src/py/requirements.txt.
  3. Open ./src/rdm.pro in Qt Creator. Choose the Desktop Qt 5.15.x MSVC2019 64bit > Release build profile.
  4. Run build. (Just hit Ctrl-B)